Monday, April 12, 2010

Fabric Bows

I made a bunch of fabric bows over the weekend and I was super excited how they turned out. And bonus...I found out that Hobby Lobby carries fabric and it is so cheap! I bought a yard and a quarter for $5! Most fabric that is that cheap is...lets just say NOT CUTE! I love this fabric! To make them all you need is about a 1/4 of a yard of fabric (you could probably get away with an 1/8 depending on how big your initial flower is), some hot glue, a matching button and and alligator clip. To start you cut out 6-8 flowers that are all the same size.
Fold them in half...

and in half again. Don't fold it exactly in half because it is cuter if you can see more layers!

Next, just layer them in a circle and put a giant blob of glue in the middle. You can layer them however you think looks cute. I did some so there was only four petals on top and some that had eight. Which ever you prefer.

Then I cut out a felt circle and glued in on the back just to hold everything together. If you can tell, I also wrapped half of the alligator clip in ribbon. I don't rap the lower arm of the clip because I discovered the hard way that it is really difficult to get the clip in your girls hair if it is wrapped in ribbon.

Last, I glued the matching button on top! SUPER CUTE!!!! I will post all the different kinds that I made as soon as I get around to taking pictures of them:)

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